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masterAdd 'blvim' alias to '.bash_aliases'.Biel4 weeks
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2021-11-07Add 'blvim' alias to '.bash_aliases'.HEADmasterBiel
2021-09-30Add fugitive.vimBiel
2021-09-20That test worked as expected. Another test now.Biel
2021-09-20Add plugin to appearence bundle just to test something.Biel
2021-09-20Add new plugin group.Biel
2021-09-12Automatically install plugins.Biel
2021-09-09Fix Image on README.md.Biel
2021-09-09Fix typo.Biel
2021-09-09Add image to README.md.Biel
2021-09-08Merge branch 'master' of github.com:b-ap/blvimBiel